Song Association

Now Available for iOS and Android!

Challenge your friends and family to sing a song containing the word from one of over a dozen categories!


Available Now!

Got any feedback? New ideas for categories? Please direct any feedback to our twitter @SongAssociation!




What is the Song Association Game?

Play solo, or grab a friend or three. Take turns using the app to challenge each other to sing lyrics involving the words related to the category you've chosen!

What's Included?

The App is free! You get six free categories as well as a shuffle deck that allows you to mix any decks that you own. Some decks are available if you watch an ad and others must be purchased.

Who built this App?

Song Association was built by just one developer - David Berry! After seeing similar challenges online I wanted to play this with my friends but nothing was available. After my last major real-work project wrapped I had some time and decided to build this!

What's coming next?

After the Android version is out, I'd like to put out a few new game types using the existing decks in the game. Of course there will be new categories both for free and paid! If you have any suggestions feel free to tweet me at @SongAssociation!